Sunday, March 15, 2015

King Arthur Flour Brownie Mix

There are some exciting things coming up on the blog, but while I gather a little more information I have a quick product review.

My good friend Theresa and a bottle of Pinot Grigio recently visited for a girls night. We munched away on some of my new concoctions – fresh baguette dipped in olive oil and a cheesy onion appetizer. Three-quarters of the way through the bottle of wine I chirped, “I think we need to make brownies!” It was the obvious choice.

There was no time to make a new recipe from scratch – at least not when you’re a light weight and have drunk 1.5 glasses of wine – so we used a mix from King Arthur Flour. So easy! Add butter, water, eggs, and voila! Brownies!

(There is no picture of the brownies themselves. No time for that when you’ve almost finished the wine!)

My fancy alterations from the box instructions:

1.      I used half butter, half coconut oil….because it’s healthier? No, because I didn’t have enough butter to begin with.
2.      We baked them for 35 minutes instead of the recommended 40-45 in order to make the brownies really soft and gooey.

In short – best brownies ever. Theresa and I have tried a few brands and this is our favorite. Perfectly rich and chocolaty. Just perfect. I won’t tell you how much we ate, but let’s just say that Theresa’s roommates will have to fight over the leftovers that I sent her home with.

Theresa departed with the bits of leftovers, and I was left happily basking in the chocolate and wine afterglow. Until the hangover headache set in an hour later. Apparently, ladies and gentlemen, that’s what happens when you’re in your late-mid-twenties and have drunk 2.25 glasses of wine. You get the morning after feeling an hour later. 

Stay tuned for more product reviews, recipes, and coverage of the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival! Now go make some brownies!


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